Weepay Online Payment

BancNet, MegaLink

With WEEPAY’s Online Payment Portal, merchants with websites could enjoy an e-commerce payment facility for a complete online shopping experience.

It is a fully automated payment service integrating a direct payment with Bancnet, Megalink ATM systems. It allows real-time payment cofirmation of online purchases.

With WEEPAY’s Online Payment Portal, the shopping process becomes easier and complete—and all are done ONLINE!

How does it work?
1. Customer picks an item from the Merchant website.
2. During checkout, the customer chooses WEEPAY as a payment method.
3. Customer is redirected to the WEEPAY page then further chooses from Bancnet and Megalink then proceeds with payment.
4. Merchant receives an email confirmation about the customer’s payment.
5. Customer receives an email confirmation regarding their payment.

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Weepay Email Billing

Don't have an interactive website? Weepay Online is still a product for you. Through Weepay Online Email Billing service, you may send electronic billings to your customers and all they have to do is click on a link and they could now pay for their purchases online using their ATM cards.

How does it work?
1. Merchant logs on to Weepay and creates an email billing for customer.
2. Customer receives an email billing from Weepay.
3. When customer is ready to pay, clicks the “Click to Pay” link found at the bottom of the email.
4. Customer chooses payment source (e.g Bancnet or Megalink).
5. Bancnet or Megalink confirms payment to Weepay.
6. Merchant receives an email confirmation about the customer’s payment from Weepay.

Weepay Shopping Cart

As an added service to the Weepay Online Payment Portal, you may also have the option to include the Weepay Shopping Cart during integration. Through this service, customers would be able to point and click on the items that they wish to buy from the merchant website, and the shopping cart list would automatically update.

WEEPAY’s Shopping Cart service is already integrated with both the Online Payment Portal and Email Billing System. Thus, it would automatically lead to all the payment options available– completing the online shopping process with much ease!

How does it Work?
1.Customer goes to the site and clicks on the items for purchase.
2. WEEPAY Shopping Cart list is created; this could be modified by customer.
3. After finalizing the list indicated in the WEEPAY Shopping Cart, the customer proceeds to payment.
4. If the customer chooses to pay via ATM, they would be able to use the WEEPAY Online Payment Portal or the Email Billing.

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VISA, MASTERCARD, BancNet, MegaLink, ExpressNet, China UnionPay

WEEPOS is a service that enables merchants with physical (brick-and-mortar) stores to increase their revenue potential by accepting credit and debit card transactions through POS (Point-of-Sale) terminals.

WEEPOS Terminals

WEEPAY strives to give the best service and customer care to all merchants with varied preferences and needs. That’s why we offer several types of POS terminals which could be used by businesses.

Dial-up – This is best for stores with own phone lines used for connecting to the POS terminal. This is usually seen in stores which already have complete physical amenities and do not require much mobility.

Mobile (GPRS) – Mobile POS terminals, or most commonly known as GPRS terminals, are perfect for businesses which are always on the go. This is suitable for businesses that require a lot of travel, mobility and field sales collection such as those in the catering, flower delivery, courier and travel industries.

We also cater to providing Point-of-sale terminals for your different short-term and seasonal events.

If you are interested with a WEEPOS terminal for your business or event, you just have to supply the following through our Weepay Merchant Consultants who will visit your establishments.

Business Requirements

1. Current Business Permit
2. List of Store Branches (if applicable)
3. SEC Certificate of Registration (DTI Registration if sole-proprietorship)
4. Audited Financial Statement (or Monthly Sales Report if FS is not available)
5. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (For Corporation) or Articles of Partnership (For Partnership)
6. Photocopy of Government Issued IDs with specimen signature of:

- Owner (for Sole-Proprietor)
- Partners (for Partnership)
- Signatories and Corp Sec (for Corporation)

7. Fully-completed and Signed Merchant Agreement and Application Form

With WEEPOS, more payment methods are offered, more markets are reached, and more business goals are attained.

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